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Socialist register 2007

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The looming environmental crisis forces socialists to confront difficult questions thought and action. – In capitalism threatened by the ecological crisis, or can it prevail in an increasingly degraded planet? – What will the legacy of capitalism’s environmental destruction mean for any future socialist society? – How can the socialist goal of international equality be met without aggravating the biosphere’s destruction? – What are the implications of environmental destruction for any future socialist society? Περιέχονται τα κείμενα: – Neil Smith, “Nature as accumulation strategy” – Elmar Altvater, “The social and environment of fossil capitalism” – Daniel Buck, “The ecological question: can capitalism prevail?” – Michael Lowy, “Eco-socialism and democratic planning” – Costas Panayotakis, “Working more, selling more, consuming more: capitalism΄s third contradiction” – Joan Martinez – Alier, “Social metabolism and environmental conflicts” – Greg Albo, “The limits of eco-localism: scale, trategy, socialism” – Frieder Otto Wolf, “Party-building for eco-socialists: lessons from the failed project of the German Greens” – Philip McMichael, “Feeding the world: agriculture development and ecology” – Erik Swyngedouw, “Water, money and power” – Achim Brunnengraber , “The political economy of the Kyoto protocol” – Heather Rogers, “Garbage capitalism΄s green commerce” – Barbara Harriss – White , Elinor Harriss , “Unsustainable capitalism: the politics of renewable energy in the UK” – Jamie Peck , “Neoliberal hurricane: who framed New Orleans?” – Dale Wen , Minqi Li , “China: hyper-development and environmental crisis” – Henry Bernstein , Philip Woodhouse, “Africa: eco-populist utopias and (micro-)capitalist realities” – Brenda Longefellow, “Weather report: image from the climate crisis”

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