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Socialist register 2008

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New forces of resistance have emerged to both American imperialism and neoliberalism. But how far do these forces represent a progressive alternative? This volume surveys the key flashpoints of resistance today through essays such as: – Elmar Altvater, “The roots of Neoliberalism” – Alfredo Saad – Filho, “Marxian and Keynesian Critiques of Neoliberalism” – Gregory Albo, “Neoliberalism and the Discontented” – Yildiz Atasou, “The Islamic Ethic and the Spirit of Turkish Capitalism Today” – Aijaz Ahmad, ” Islam, Islamisms and the West” – Asef Bayat, “Islamism and Empire: The lncongruous Nature of Islamist Anti- Imperialism” – Gilbert Achcar, “Religion and Politics Today from a Marxian Perspective” – Sabah Alnasser, “Understanding Iraq” – Bashir Abu – Manneh, “Israel’s Colonial Siege and the Palestinians” – William I. Robinson, “Transformative Possibilites in Latin America” – Margarita Lopez Maya, ” Venezuela Today: A’ Participative and Protagonistic’ Democracy?” – Marta Harnecker, “Blows and Counterblows in Venezuela” – Joao Pedro Stedile, ” The Class Struggles in Brazil: The Perspective of the MST” – Wes Enzinna, “All we Want is the Earth: Agrarian Reform in Bolivia” – Ana Esther Cecena, “On the Forms of Resistance in Latin America: It’s Native Moment” – Richard Roman, Edur Valasco Arregui, “Mexico’s Oaxaca Commune” – Emilia Castorina, “The Contradictions of Democratic Neoliberalism in Argentina: A New Politics from Below?” – G.M. Tamas, “Counter – Revolution against a Counter-Revolution: Eastern Europe Today” – Raghu Krishnan, Adrien Thomas, “Resistance to Neoliberalism in France” – Kim Moody, “Harvest of Empire: Immigrant Workers’ Struggles in the USA”

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